Our Nando’s Peri-Thread Book campaign has been awarded a D&AD Pencil in the 2016 awards show. The award ceremony will take place on 19 May 2016, where we’ll find out what Pencil level it has won.

The Brief:

Fast casual restaurant Nando’s is most famous for its flame-grilled Portuguese chicken, and the heart and soul of the brand is its unique PERi-PERi (chilli) spice. To add to making PERi-PERi part of every store and employee’s life, Nando’s invented PERi-thread. A unique cotton yarn infused and coloured with actual PERi-PERi spice. As a symbol of the spice that binds everyone in Nando’s together, used on Nando’s merchandising, including shirts, jeans and uniforms. We were briefed to announce this innovation to key management, shareholders and the franchisees in an innovative way and to promote and encourage uptake and purchasing of the merchandising and clothing.

The Solution & Cultural Context:

We created the PERi-book. The book tells the story of PERi-PERi and its evolution into a new innovation. A thread not only infused and coloured with this remarkable spice, but also with the powerful symbolism behind it.

From the first page to the last, each artwork in the book was interwoven with actual PERi-thread, turning flat illustrations into three-dimensional patterns connected by this unique thread throughout the entire book.

Nandos Peri-Thread 4

Nandos Peri-Thread 3

Notes from D&AD Judges:

The thread is stitched throughout the book. And it’s wonderfully crafted.

What’s beautiful about this is the theme of Direct being part of a bigger campaign. This thread is stitched into not just the book, but every Nandos uniform, and the furniture in every restaurant. It’s something I’ll be telling my children about.

The attention to detail is stunning, and there’s a reason for it – it’s not just a beautiful book. They took it beyond direct mail, and into the real world. Blimmin’ marvellous.

Source: DandAD.org

Nandos Peri-Thread 5

Nandos Peri-Thread 2