It was another great weekend as we picked up 3 Pendoring Awards for This Man Is Building A Rocket at the ceremony on Friday night!

  • GOLD in Animation
  • GOLD in Production
  • SILVER in TV

Award-winning advertising is not always great advertising. Great advertising achieves business objectives. It is special if great advertising also wins awards because it only then gives the brand being advertised further recognition and reach.

MullenLowe SA understands the fact that consumers around the world increasingly don’t just buy things, they buy into things. And appropriately, the most successful brands and companies globally, are those with purpose – brands that stand for something.

The Building a Rocket campaign assisted GWK in voicing our purpose . . . why we do what we do. This is why the campaign is so successful.

Neil de Klerk, Executive Head of Marketing and Communication for the GWK Group

If you haven’t seen the video, you can here: