Our Joburg office is looking for two roles:

  1. Copywriter (Mid)
  2. IT Technical Support Analyst.
Copywriter (Mid) - JHB

A. Purpose

Participating in developing and implementing relevant creative solutions within the set parameters. Demonstrating the professional approach of Mullen Lowe SA to the respective clients, in a manner that optimises the profitability of the agency, its relationship with its clients and its profile in the business environment.

B. Key Performance Indicators

B.1.   Responsibilities : Creative

  • Participate in and facilitate brainstorming, conceptualising and analysis of the mechanics of advertising campaigns and promotions within the constraints of the brief.
  • Copywriting for all forms of advertising i.e. Radio, TV, Audio Visual Ads etc.
  • Direction of recording or scripts for Radio, TV, AV’s etc. To source and propose voice-over artists for recording purposes.
  • Proof reading and approval of lasers, dyelines, match-prints and other material.
  • Co-ordination of copy translation.
  • Obtain copies/masters as required.
  • Inform client service/media via traffic of any script changes made during the recording.

B.2.     Responsibilities : Other

  • Liaison with clients and suppliers when required.
  • Interface with traffic, production and client service.
  • Ensuring all deadlines are timeously met.
  • Creative presentation to clients as required.
  • Upholding confidentiality in and outside the workplace.
  • Keeping abreast of copy and advertising trends and current events.

C. Ad Hoc Functions

  • Contributions to agency publications.
  • Correspondence on agency’s behalf as required.

D. Knowledge

Tertiary education (degree or diploma) in a relevant discipline (e.g. languages, marketing, sales, etc.) and a minimum of 2 years’ practical experience in copywriting.

E. Human Relations

  • Contact with clients requires understanding, empathy and a professional approach.
  • Communication skills, both written and verbal are important.
  • Most projects need the support of company staff over which the incumbent has no authority. Therefore, the appropriate approach and sensitivity would need to be exercised as a means of meeting deadlines and achieving objectives. The ability to engender enthusiasm as a means of gaining commitment from others is vital.

F. Job Requirements

  • Every aspect of the business activities and plans of Mullen Lowe SA will be held in total confidence.
  • All rules and regulations will be adhered to.
  • Utilise Company Resources and facilities in the optimum manner and with care.
  • Good standard of housekeeping to be maintained at all times.
  • At all times faithfully promptly and punctually carry out and perform all such duties as may from time to time be delegated or assigned to you.
IT Technical Support Analyst

IT Technical Support Analyst role

  • Provide timely remote end-user computer support assistance on a variety of issues in a professional and courteous manner.
  • Identify, research and resolve technical problems for desktop and software related issues.
  • Accurately resolve more complex issues in the aim that the end user/customer does not experience a loss in productivity.
  • Document, track and monitor the problem to ensure a timely resolution.
  • Perform computer administrative tasks which may include but not limited to:
    • More complex desktop issues
    • Unlocking accounts
    • Adjusting storage limits
    • File system security, mailbox maintenance
    • VPN accounts
    • Trouble shooting other more complex user computer issues.(e.g. proprietary application problems unique to end-users business environment.)
  • If needed, escalate complex computer support issues to the IT Manager SA or IPG IT/MLW IT.

Problems/Challenges Faced:

The Technical Support Analyst position (within the support environment) relies on the use of previous personal experience and precedent setting techniques for resolving escalated or more complex issues. This may require a wide degree of creativity and latitude in resolving issues.

Purpose: Many end users rely significantly on the use of their computer to process their day to day workloads which will include agency client related work down time can have a negative impact on their ability to secure a client’s business or meet a client’s deadline. This should be of paramount importance to the Technical Support Analysts when providing day to day service provision and requested processing to the user. 

Measurable Impact on the Organization:

This position has a contributory impact on the organization’s operating budget and functionality.

Reporting structure:

The Technical Support Analyst reports to the IT Manager SA and may interface with all levels of employees across the company.

Preferred Requirements:

  • Degree required in a technical and business discipline.
  • Experience in the relevant agency technologies (Software and Hardware).
  • High levels of customer support service provision.
  • Track record of valuable resource during implementation and general technology projects.
  • Able to work well as a team member, however, also be able to be self-motivating with a high level of personal initiative.
  • In-depth knowledge of various MAC and/or PC operating systems and applications. Including but not limited to: Windows 7, OS10, MS Office Suite, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Outlook and Exchange.
  • Working knowledge of various desktop and laptop vendors.
  • Ability to analyze and solve complex computer problems.
  • Experienced in troubleshooting network and remote access problems.
  • Working functional knowledge of Remedy, LANDesk and Casper is required.

Basic breakdown of role

  • Daily User support
    • You are required to answer all calls and attend to user support issues. (Ranging from Office application issues to printer issues. Each request is to be logged in the ticketing system and updated with work performed. Tickets should be subsequently completed/closed once all has been tested and working.
  • Maintenance of Desktops/Laptops
    • Required to maintain all laptops/Desktops within the environment. This is to be documented and reported to the IT manager on a weekly basis via reporting tools.
  • Maintenance of Active Directory.
    • Required to maintain and run OU within the Domain
    • Required to send reports on the AD monthly to the IT Manager.
  • Assest Regester.
    • Required to run and maintain the company asset register and report any changes to the IT Manger on a monthly basis via reporting tools.
  • Boardrooms
    • Required to check equipment in the boardrooms on a daily basis and assist users throughout the day to setup for meetings.
    • Required to maintain and ensure the printers operate smoothly and to make sure that there is always toner available.
    • Send reports of page counters and meter readings to the supplier monthly.
  • Cable management
    • Required to ensure the neatness of all cables within the office.
  • Backups
    • Required to swap backup drives and tapes weekly.


All Training will be provided onsite by the IT Managers.

Each function has a process and tasks that need to be followed. These will be learnt during the training period of 1 month.

Hours and environment

  • Working hours: 9:00pm to 5:30pm (Daily except weekends).
  • The dress codes is neat but casual.
  • (NB): The Technical Support Analyst is to ensure upper management are well looked after at all times in terms of support and requests.

Specialized Skills and Competencies required to perform the work:


Required Proficiency Level

MAC and/or PC operating systems   Advanced (In-depth)
Windows 7   Advanced (In-depth)
OS10   Advanced (In-depth)
MS Office Suite   Advanced (In-depth)
Internet Explorer/Chrome/Safari   Advanced ((In-depth)
Troubleshooting remote access & network issues   Advanced (In-depth)
Customer focused   Advanced (In-depth)
Teamwork   Advanced (In-depth)
Remedy System   Intermediate (Working functional knowledge)
LANDesk/Casper   Intermediate (Working functional knowledge)
Problem solving   Advanced (In-depth)
Communication – listening and speaking   Advanced (In-depth)
Attention to detail; follow up   Advanced (In-depth)


All CVs, including a cover letter + applicable job in subject line, to be sent to Phyllis.Hill @ mullenlowe.com.