Back in 1996 Independent Newspapers decided to do something proactive to promote and develop exceptional print advertising in South Africa, and so The Eagles Print Awards were born. Since then this award has become the benchmark for print advertising in South Africa. With The Black Eagle (which has only ever been awarded 8 times) becoming the industry’s most coveted local accolade.

The Eagles are unlike any other advertising awards. Firstly, there are only 2 judges. To ensure that the level of creative excellence matches global standards, these judges are always world-renowned creatives invited from international agencies. These judges get to choose the work that’s worthy of an Eagle for innovative, impactful or beautifully crafted work (or a combination of all 3).  So it’s a local award with international standards and an international flavour. In addition to deciding who these advertising legends also deliver inspiring lectures at the annual Eagles Breakfast Seminars, which have become a highlight in the diaries of South Africa’s creative advertising community.

Lowe Cape Town walked away with a Gold Eagle for the Organ Donor Foundation in the Public Services & Charities category as well as a Bronze Eagle for Omo in the Product Category.