On Monday night, the Association for Communication (ACA), hosted the annual APEX awards and Lowe and Partners SA emerged as the big winners of the evening. OIL picked up Silver in the SABC sustain category for their work on Merck Pharmaceuticals’ Slow-Mag, while Lowe Cape Town walked away with gold in the change category and the much coveted Grand Prix for the Organ Donor Foundation’s,“Get Me To 21” campaign.

The goal of the awards show is to recognise effectiveness in the advertising industry, specifically campaigns that work and deliver results. Work is awarded when all criteria have been met and a Grand Prix is only awarded to work that is judged to be extraordinary.

To win a Grand Prix is a remarkable achievement, but more than an award it acts as further proof of the impact that Jenna Lowe has had on South Africa. These awards are all dedicated to her memory, as she lives on through the lives she continues to save every day.