Big congratulations go to Lowe SSP3 Colombia for being named International Agency of The Year. They are the first Colombian agency to win this accolade and it is well deserved. According to Ad Age Editor Laurel Wentz ‘the agency is one of the catalysts for positive change through its profoundly touching work.’

Jose Miguel Sokoloff and Francisco Samper have made Lowe SSP3 into a massive success. They brought us our first Cannes Titanium Lion last summer and our first Jay Chiat Grand Prix and an IPA Grand Prix, all for their anti-terrorism campaigns. This, in addition to countless other accolades, which makes them one of the most highly awarded agencies for both creativity and effectiveness in the world.  You can see all their work here

But what stands out maybe even more than the team’s brilliant work and success, is their humility, kindness and generosity of spirit. Even as they have reached the pinnacle of our business, they have remained wonderful people to do business with, great friends and incredible partners. They are living proof that good guys don’t just sometimes finish first but, in this case, finish as best in the world. Well done, guys.