It’s been a pretty good run for Lowe and Partners Cape Town. Kirk Gainsford, ECD, explains that the agency has won 9 out of 11 pitches and produced the Cape Times ‘Selfie’  Campaign  – which is  the seventh most awarded campaign worldwide, according to the Gunn Report. The agency  has also recently produced the work for three Lowe International pitches.

And all of this with a tiny staff complement…

Gainsford says that the agency’s tiny staff and flat structure has in fact contributed to the achievements… “We have a very flat structure, with no massive hierarchy, our clients feel quite an intimate relationship with us …” He continues that this allows the agency  to really add value, not just as a communications partner, but as an ideas and business partner.

Why demanding clients and a small staff complement do it for Lowe and Partners CT…

Many of the Cape Town Lowe and Partners clients are SMEs, which often means that they are spending money from their own pockets. “This in turn means that they are often quite demanding and that challenge is something that we like to take up, because we like to do work that is great and that works,” says Gainsford. He adds that because the agency is small, it  operates like a family  – feeling each other’s pain within the business and within their client’s businesses.

“I think what is working for us is that we are going back to basics and we are trying to keep things simple, our people are happy and the culture is great.” On the Lowe and Partners Cape Town wishlist going forward, are some big spending clients – “…growth will be great for us,” says Gainsford. Having said that, he believes that as long as they continue adding value to their clients, they are happy with where they are going.

Ref: Adlip

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