Water levels in Cape Town are critical. We only have 86 days of water left before our taps run dry! This is no joke.

At MullenLowe we like to get dirty, that’s why we’re introducing Dirty Filthy Rotten Days and inviting you to get dirty too. We’re challenging everyone to go showerless 2 days a week. Yes, it sounds gross. Possibly stinky. But people’s lives are at stake. When the crisis hits it will be the poor and vulnerable that suffer the most. Let’s help make a difference and help our planet.

We’ve heard a few people at various unnamable agencies have been taking this practice seriously for years now. You’re our inspiration.

What’s in it for you? For every day we do this we get to go home an hour early.

If you can’t commit to this, then please try sticking to the 2-minute shower practice.

And for the brave souls… changing your underwear is advised.

#DirtyFilthyRotten #48HourShowerChallenge