Nestlé Professional, a leader in the professional food service industry, recently held its fifth annual Connect event. This intimate gathering brings together innovators and thought leaders to discuss global insights and ground-breaking ideas that are changing the world, and which also help to drive innovation within the company.

The Challenge

To design a direct mail piece that would convey the spirit of Connect in a memorable way for these discerning people, enticing them to take a few minutes out of their busy schedules to pause and interact with the brand – and agree to attend Connect 2019.

The Solution

We created a direct campaign centred around gratitude, the theme of this year’s Connect event. The recipients are busy people, so we used taste to disrupt their day and get into their diaries – by sending them hand-crafted lollipops in a range of immersive flavours.

These would give them a reason to sit back, be still and experience gratitude; and then find the gratitude messages hidden within our special lollipop sticks.