We’re living in uncertain times. In addition to the fear and anxiety around being infected with COVID-19, there is also the very real concern of losing income and not being able to provide. And for directors who only earn when they are working, this is real. 

When asked to adapt and localise a global film for OMO, we had the option of using stock footage which typically has a limited offering, but we wanted to find a better solution.

So, we approached one of our director friends, Lourens Van Rensburg of 7Films, who we knew supports the Ndaba family and got them to move in with his family before lockdown. We needed to film a child doing what all children are doing right now – living an indoor life. We were able to feature Iminathi Ndaba in the film and this was a great win for everyone; OMO, the agency, the director and little Iminathi and his family. 

Two days after our briefing, we approached 7Films, and they shot the footage the following day. We sent it off to Ricki Boyd who is also working remotely. Together we pulled off an impressive feat – we edited, presented and delivered in just four days. But more importantly, we were able to help a family see their way better through some tough times.

OMO, sending the right message, keeping creativity alive and helping families where they can.