We all know that feeling. You’re stuck inside and it’s coming at you from all sides. Email. WhatsApp. Zoom. Teams. Twitter delivering more bad news. Special offers you can’t miss. Bootcamp – sign up today! By the end of the day you can’t wait to smack down your screen. The kids have watched everything on Netflix and it’s all too much. Then there is the worry about what we put into our bodies. Seriously, if Zoom calls aren’t trying to kill us, the economy or sugar or caffeine is. Somebody make it stop!

We all know the feeling because we’ve all experienced it. Today we have more choice and information than ever before. But it doesn’t always make our lives better. We need to simplify.

We created communication for Bokomo WEET-BIX around the insight that simplifying life actually gives us more. Because it’s the simple moments with family and friends that make us happy.
The film was directed by Kevin Fitzgerald of 7 Films whose vision was to create a piece of work that visually represented the crazy overwhelm we feel in modern day life.